Monday, September 17, 2012

{Playing Through Autumn Day 8} Sound Scavenger Hunt

Getting outdoors is one of the best things about the cooler weather of fall, and I love to find ways to get L connected to the world around her. Lately she has become very aware of the different sounds she hears around her on a regular basis. That kid can hear a train, plane, or barking dog long before I do. It's actually kind of impressive. To capitalize on this interest and to help foster her awareness of the world around her, I created a sound scavenger hunt for us to try at a local park.

I printed up this list, trying my best to predict what we'd be most likely to hear on our hunt. Turns out I was pretty close, with the exception of other kids playing, because it was a wet and chilly morning and there weren't any other kids there! (Helpful hint: I printed this out on card stock, so it was much more durable that regular paper for L's tiny hands. The added bonus was that it held up in all the moisture of the wet air that morning.)

L was listening closely, and it didn't take us long to hear lots of birds and cars. 

In fact, there were trees absolutely brimming with birds. I guess maybe they had more sense than we did and were trying to stay dry! 

And she's off! Soon after, we also had the good fortune to hear an airplane, a flock of geese (awesome!) and leaves rustling in the trees. Of course, we also got the pleasure of hearing a crunchy leaf on the trail:

Perhaps the most fun, and somewhat unexpected, sound we had the good fortune of hearing was L's feet splashing in the giant puddle we encountered on the trail. In our family, there is ALWAYS time for puddle jumping!

The entire family got in on the action of listening for new and different sounds, and it was a roaring good time indeed. L has been holding on to that sound list for several days now, which is proof enough that she had a fabulous time.

How do you get your kids connected to the world around them?


  1. What a great idea! I love that she is taking such good care of that list, too!

  2. That's such a great idea! thanks for sharing at tip toe!

  3. Yeah, they’re right. It’s such a great idea! Focusing on the sense of hearing is something really interesting. Like the normal scavenger hunt, you have endless items to put on your list. It will be even more fun if L has her playmates next time. ;)

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