Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{Playing Through Autumn Day 28} Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

One of the hot topics associated with autumn in our house is the migration of all the local birds. The tot is absolutely fascinated by birds, and lately we've noticed that there haven't been as many around as usual. Try explaining to a toddler that her beloved feathered friends have taken a vacation south - she just can't understand why they would leave! There are a few birdies left in our neighborhood, and plenty of squirrels too, so we decided to put out some food  for the critters that remain, which made us all feel a lot better.

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

What You Need:
Toasted bread
Cookie cutters in various shapes (we went with autumn shapes, of course!)
Peanut butter (or soy nut butter)
Vegetable shortening
Bird Seed
Yarn or pipe cleaners

Toast bread. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes in the toast. Poke a small hole at the top and string through with yarn or pipe cleaner. Smear the toast with peanut butter mixed with vegetable shortening (this keeps the peanut butter from sticking in the bird's gullet). Gently press the shapes into the bird seed. Hang outside for the birds to enjoy!


  1. I love this idea! They would be great to decorate a Christmas tree for birds, too!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. We will have to try that. I was much better at taking care of our backyard birds before we had our four babies... I have some making up to do and they can be part of the fun. : 0 )