Monday, September 10, 2012

{Playing Through Autumn Day 3} Painting with a Leaf

The "fall" part of autumn is upon us a little early this year in our area, as we have had nearly no rain all summer long. I'm a bit bummed by this, as I fear we won't see many leaves changing color this year. While that has me saddened, we do have an abundance of gorgeous crunchy leaves already littering the ground nearly everywhere we go. L has had a lot of enthusiasm for collecting these leaves, and I've been very encouraging in her venture. She really surprised me recently though, we she suggested we paint with one of the leaves she found. (Gasp! Perhaps my habit of presenting her with non-conventional art tools is rubbing off on her!) Anyway, I was ecstatic about her suggestion, so we got right to work using a leaf as a paintbrush.

We used brown and red paint on yellow paper (of course!) to work on this masterpiece. L thought the whole thing was really cool and I loved how self-initiated it was on her part.

The leaf was pretty dry, so a lot of it ended up crackling off and sticking to the paper courtesy of the paint. However, once the painting dried, it ended up having a really cool and unexpected textured look. L was so proud she couldn't wait to get it hung up in her play room!

Perhaps I'm biased as the mother of the artist, but I thought it turned out looking really awesome! Doesn't it just put you in the mind of leaves blowing on the wind?

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