Friday, September 14, 2012

{Playing Through Autumn Day 6} Books We Love: Awesome Autumn Nonfiction

Thinking about autumn from a thematic perspective, it is certainly abundant. You can literally find books on dozens and dozens of various topics, all relating back to this wonderful season. In my opinion, one of the best things about books relating to autumn is the vast number of nonfiction books concerning the topic. Books about pumpkins, apples, leaves, the changing weather, animal behaviors and fall traditions are just a few of the areas covered by many wonderful nonfiction titles. Some of my very favorite nonfiction fall titles come from the All About Fall series from Capstone Press. With authors including Martha Rustad, Calvin Harris, and Gail Saunders-Smith, these books are a fantastic introduction to the season. With gorgeous photographs and simple text, they appeal to very young children, as well as kids beginning to take those first steps toward independent reading. L adores the beautiful imagery and I love that I can sneak in a little bit of learning on the side. We are both big fans!

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