Monday, September 3, 2012

Flower Power: Garden Sensory Tub

This post is from my personal archives, back when the air was under 110 degrees in the morning and the grass in our yard was still green. 

L and I are very lucky to attend/work for a preschool where gardening is part of the curriculum. The children and teachers are responsible for maintaining a garden where we grow food that we then eat as part of our meals and snacks. It's really quite amazing. As you can guess, this makes L very interested in things that grow, and even more so in DIRT. So I put together this sensory tub for exploring dirt and flowers, and it was a huge hit.

For this tub, I threw in a bag of soil and added silk flowers, a bucket, garden tools, and gardening gloves. L loved scooping and pouring the dirt, and she really surprised me by spending a good amount of time sniffing the earthy scent. Perhaps I have a future gardener on my hands?!


  1. Stopping over from Jelli's link up, and I love your gardening sensory tub! Sensory tubs are a great way to get your kiddo's hands and brains busy!

  2. Love this idea. So much fun getting dirty and learning all in one. Actually, my baby inaugurated her 11 month birthday yesterday by eating a dirt clod while I was fiddling with the camera prepping to take her photo. Thanks for sharing this great idea with Monday Mom Musings! Hope you do visit again soon, Christie.