Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Cure for a Hot Summer Day? Ice Play!

Two things that go splendidly together: hot summer days and ice play. We recently had a wonderful sensory experience with frozen ice blocks, using stuff I had lying around the house.
Ribbon frozen in ice dyed with food coloring
Ice cubes dyed with food coloring

I swirled some ribbon into containers of water, added a few drops of food coloring, and let the fun begin. We headed out to the front walk and let L go to town playing and exploring the frozen treasures.
A very "cool" sensory experience!
Once the ice melted down a bit, the ribbon came free in a nice loop.
Once the ribbons were free, the made excellent streamers in the breeze.

This activity was so fun and engaging! We can't wait to see what happens with our next icy experiment!

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