Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sensory Art: Contact Paper Window Collage

While I would argue that all art is a sensory experience in some form or another, a recent project L tackled was the easy breezy contact paper window collage.  It was easy to set up and it supplied several days of collaging fun, while at the same time giving us the delicious tactile goodness that only a big sheet of sticky contact paper can provide.

I started out by taping up a sheet of contact paper to a window, sticky side out.  Then I filled a toy bucket of L's with pieces of torn up crepe paper, lengths of shiny ribbon, and a few leftover pipe cleaner segments. (To see what we did with the rest of the pipe cleaner pieces, click here.)

The really great thing about this activity, from a sensory play perspective, is that each of the collage pieces was a different texture. L spent time exploring the fuzzy pipe cleaners, the silky ribbon, and tearing up the pieces of crunchy crepe paper. And of course, we couldn't resist sticking our hands on that amazing contact paper!

The artist at work!
We ended up leaving the contact paper up on the window for several days. It was fantastic because the entire family (sans the dog, who was none too thrilled to lose his view of the neighborhood) continued to add pieces to the collage.  It was a lovely collaborative family effort. Plus, it looked totally awesome when viewed from the street outside!

When we decided we were ready to view our block once again, we simply took the paper off the window, folded it in half with the sticky part in the middle, and hung it up with the rest of L's artwork.  Easy breezy sensory art!


  1. This is too cute. Love how you left the contact paper up to keep adding to it. The addition of pipe cleaners is one idea I never thought of....thanks for sharing your blog.