Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mystery Canvas: Styrofoam

Painting on any surface is always great fun, so when I recently acquired a big square of Styrofoam, I knew immediately what to do with it.  L and I set out with a couple bowls of paint, some paint brushes and dabbers, and got right to work.

Hmmm...what to do with this?

I really thought that the whole Styrofoam element would make this experience so interesting that L would be at it for hours (okay, even I'm not that crazy!). But as usual, she surprised me with what she found even more interesting than the canvas...

...her hands, of course!  The activity quickly turned in a different direction, but luckily I always anticipate that and was ready to encourage this awesome sensory play as well.

What a lovely squish!

This looks interesting!

Who needs a canvas with all this clean skin?

Okay, so we ended up with more paint on the kid than on the Styrofoam, but she had a blast and really, what's a little mess to a mama who loves to let her kid explore?


  1. This is perfect! I have a little one who is VERY sensory, and would just love this!
    L sure seems to be having a blast!

    Following via tip-toe thru tuesday :)

  2. Gorgeous ~ look at the joy on her face! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times :-)

  3. Oh my...she is gorgeous and she looks like she is having a blast! Thanks for sharing this on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!