Friday, July 20, 2012

Books We Love: This Little Chick

We have been lovin' on some really great books of late, but L's favorite this week by far is This Little Chick by John Lawrence. A very enterprising little chick heads out one morning and meets all sorts of farm animals along his way. He is soon imitating the sounds of every creature he meets, much to the delight of young listeners. L has really mastered animal sounds, so this book is a real thrill for her, owing to the fact that she has lots of chances to show off her skills. I personally adore the vinyl engravings for their humor and beautiful detail.

This little chick from over the way
went to play with the pigs one day.
And what do you think they heard him say?

Well, it's not "peep peep peep" if that's what you were thinking!

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