Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainbow Pasta

I don't know what's been going on with the weather in your neighborhood, but it has been surface-of-the-sun hot in these parts. Usually L and I are outside playing daily, and taking our sensory play outdoors is one of our favorite things to do. That being said, we've been cooped up more than we'd care lately, as the heat wave has really been a bit extreme. So what's a mama to do with a tot who needs a change of scene? Pull out the old sensory tub, of course, and relocate it to said tot's bedroom!

On this particular day, our playtime prompt was rainbow pasta. So easy to make (you can find the method here) and with so many ways to play, this is a great activity no matter what the weather.

When I originally colored the pasta, I chose a wide variety of pasta shapes. This led to a lot of talk and discussion of different shapes and sizes, and frankly it's just more fun that way. I threw in a colander, a pasta scoop, ladle, and a couple of bowls. Instant fun!

Zephyr came to check things out, but I assure you that is a yawn and not a gaping maw of terror. He's bored with being cooped up too.

As usual, scooping and pouring were a big part of this activity.

Gotta blow on that pasta to make sure it's not too hot!

What are you doing with your kiddos to help beat the heat?

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  1. So fun. We are doing rainbow pasta this week too. We try to get outdoor activities in early before it gets too blazing hot.