Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fine Motor Fun: Open & Close Basket

Not so long ago, I was clicking around on the Montessori at Home section of the fabulous Carrots Are Orange and found an idea for an activity that I couldn't wait to try with L. I just love a good fine motor activity and the great thing about Montessori activities is that they are really practical and encourage kids to play in ways that will help them figure out real life. This particular activity, a basket full of items for L to practice opening and closing, was a fantastic example of how simple activities can create engaging play for even the littlest hands.

I started out with a basket of various items from around the house that open in different ways (twisting, snapping, pushing, etc.) and gathered them all in a basket.

The other real beauty of this activity was that I just used things I already had lying around the house, so prep time was pretty minimal. I invited L to take a peek at what was in the basket, and with very little explanation or modeling, she was off and ready to explore everything before her.

Some containers were easier for her to manipulate than others, but I was close at hand to offer help in case she got frustrated. My little gal has a busy body, but this activity kept her engaged for quite some time. It was so much fun watching the little wheels of her brain turn as she tried to figure out each new container. I plan to leave this basket in her playroom for continued exploration.

I just adore activities that are so simple, yet so engaging. How are you engaging your little ones these days?


  1. Great idea thanks. How old is L?

  2. Thank you! L is just shy of 20 months.

  3. Great idea...I bet my 2 year old would still really like this. I'm going to feature this tomorrow (Friday) on my Weekly Kid's Co-op post. Come on by and check it out!