Sunday, July 1, 2012

Loofahs: No Longer Just for Bathing!

guaranteed way to have a super fun painting experience? Take a novel canvas and a novel tool, throw in a couple pie tins full of paint, and go to town! This is just what we did yesterday morning, and it was a grand old time!

For this art experience, I provided L with a couple of loofah bath sponges and a shiny piece of paper I recently acquired.  I threw some paint into large pie tins (which are great in that they are big enough to use just about any painting tool you could want and they come clean really easily) and we got down to business.

I taped the shiny paper to the side of the house because it was pretty large and I wanted to make sure L had plenty of space. That blue blob you see in the paper is actually my reflection while taking the photo. That was some seriously shiny paper!

L got busy right away. As per her usual, she had to get her hands in the paint first, before she was ready to experiment with the loofahs. Testing the waters, I guess.

Once her arms were sufficiently green and yellow, L was able to focus on the new painting element, the loofah:

This was a really fun art experiment. And I seriously just remembered (some hours later!) that the thing is still hanging on the side of our house! Well, lucky day for the neighbors, I suppose!

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