Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quick & Easy Color Recognition Cards

L has been very interested in colors of late, and while she's getting the concept of color words, she's not quite there when it comes to matching the word with the actual color.  I had been brainstorming creative ways to help her in her quest for mastering this skill when I came across the paint department at our local hardware store. Gasp! Paint chips! So easy, so many possibilities, and they cost nothing. Score!

I "sampled" many different paint colors, making sure to take two of each color.  I taped each set back-to-back with doubled sided tape, covered the whole thing in contact paper, and bound them together with a ring to form a little book.

The great thing about paint chips is that the color possibilities are nearly endless. You can pick any colors/combinations you'd like and do all sorts of things with them.  I stuck with the six basic colors of the rainbow, figuring we can always move on to more complicated stuff once these are down pat. (And yes, I realize there are technically seven colors in your typical rainbow, but ol' Roy G. Biv is just gonna have to forgive me on this one - all these different shades make my head spin!)

This whole project took me less than 30 minutes to complete and L has had at least that many minutes of learning and entertainment from this handy little teaching tool. Totally worth it in my (color recognition) book!


  1. Very creative and talk about cheap!!!!..heheh

  2. such a great way to utilize paint chips! they're quickly becoming a crafting staple! thanks for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  3. Great idea ~ wonder if our local hardware store would mind us stocking up ;-) Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times!