Friday, August 31, 2012

Books We Love: The BabyLit Series

It isn't every day that you run into Bram Stoker while browsing in the children's section at the book shop, but if that is your sort of thing, you will absolutely adore the BabyLit series from author Jennifer Adams and illustrator Alison Oliver. Luckily for me, that really is my sort of thing, and these books are a delicious gift for literary nerds and kid lit enthusiasts alike. Marketed as "primers" for children, the series actually consists of concept books for things like colors and numbers. (Here's hoping they do an alphabet book soon!) Ranging from the aforementioned Stoker to masters like Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll, these books are a guaranteed least down memory lane, to what you were reading in high school.

Also, kids love them too!

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  1. I just saw these at my local book store recently. I thought they were darling! I hope they make more. Found you on the Kids Co-Op