Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bubbly Baby Bath Time Fun

This has been a summer for the record books in terms of heat, and although I do try to get L outside as much as possible before the hot afternoon sun brings its wrath, it's not always possible and sometimes I have to come up with a backup plan.  This was recently the case, when I found myself wondering what on earth to do with an antsy toddler cooped up in the house. What's the best way to combat a hot day? Water play, of course! And though we decided on this particular day to stay indoors, we managed to have fun all the same. Without further ado, baby bath pretend play!

To get our bath started, we gathered a big bowl for a tub, some soft baby wash cloths, L's baby, and one of those tiny bottles of baby wash (which was great, because I seem to have about a zillion of them in various nooks and crannies in my house) and set up shop on a big towel on the kitchen floor.

L got busy squeezing some soap into the tub, then she was ready to get that baby clean!

This activity was fantastically fun, and it offered a lot of opportunity for talking about gentle touches, how we take care of each other, our own bath time rituals, and why we need to take baths to get clean. It was such a soft, soothing, and quiet activity - and it lasted for a good long stint.

Even Dad got in on the action by blowing some soap bubbles! It was a great time for the entire family.  When the baby was nice and clean, L toweled him off, wrapped him up, and promptly carried him away to find a diaper. It's like she's done this bath thing a time or two herself!


  1. How adorable! I love this idea. I have a 20 month old (Carleigh) and 4 month old (Davae) and Carleigh always wants to wash Davae during bath time, but she's still just too rough. This would be the perfect way to teach her how to be gentle while washing a baby!!