Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gross Motor Sensory Play: Sticky Feet!

Any activity that gets a body moving is the perfect activity for a toddler! L is a big fan of moving and grooving, so she was delighted when I presented her with this sticky feet sensory activity!

I laid out about two feet of contact paper, sticky side up, and taped it to the floor. I encouraged L to walk, run, jump, and dance on the paper (as if she needed any encouragement!) and feel the lovely stick of the paper on her little feet. It was a roaring success!

L had a blast walking on, crawling over, and slapping that sticky paper! Her dad and I got in on the action too, because frankly it was just too hard to resist! I just love a good sensory activity, but this one was beyond awesome!


  1. How fun! I do have a vision of my girl putting the cat on it. She likes to encourage our pets to have 'people fun'.

    1. Love it! You notice you don't see a little black wiener dog in any of these photos? We can empathize with you!