Sunday, August 5, 2012

Music We Love: Elizabeth Mitchell

For our next installment of Music We Love, we present to you the fabulous Elizabeth Mitchell, a folksy mama providing catchy tunes for the young and young at heart. I especially love Elizabeth for those times when I'm looking for music that's a bit mellow - fabulous for a playroom and not terribly overstimulating! Plus, I think it's awesome that more often than not, her husband and daughter are singing right along with her on the record. She's that cool!

One of L's favorite Elizabeth tunes is John the Rabbit, mostly because of the "Yes, ma'am"'s just so gosh darn sing-alongable!

We just adore Elizabeth, and we think you will too! Give her a listen and we promise you won't be disappointed!

You Are My Flower (1998)

You Are My Sunshine (2002)

Catch the Moon (with Lisa Loeb) (2004)
You Are My Little Bird (2006)
Sunny Day (2010)
Little Seed (2012)

What music do you enjoy sharing with your kids?

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